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Time To Do A Switzerland: Politics isn’t working. It’s time for Swiss-Style Direct Democracy

With Politics Failing, and our entire system facing an Existential Crisis, The Case for Swiss-Style Direct Democracy is Overwhelming.

· Switzerland has operated as a Direct Democracy for over 150 years. In a Direct Democracy voters regularly participate in referendums on national, regional and community issues.

· Switzerland ranks number 1 in the world for freedom, stability and quality of life. It is Europe’s wealthiest country. Crime is low; while healthcare, infrastructure and economic competitiveness are all world class. Switzerland’s unlikely success proves that Direct Democracy offers a superior form of government.

· There is growing concern over the loss of faith in our democracy, our values, our institutions and our political leaders. By contrast, Switzerland enjoys uniquely high levels of political satisfaction and support for democracy. Swiss style Direct Democracy can halt our existential crisis before things turn ugly.

· Switzerland maintains strong regional diversity, with economically successful regions spread across the country. At the same time, there are no secessionist movements. Swiss Direct Democracy proves it is possible to have a sense of nationhood and localism. Direct Democracy can fix the disastrous experiments of devolution and drive levelling up in places far from London.

· As well as restoring faith in politics and fixing devolution, Direct Democracy has many other advantages, including: Restoring national pride, restraining the tyranny of minorities and vested interests, encouraging greater political co-operation and focus on delivery, long-term decision-making, greater equality and diversity in political decision-making, reviving a culture of personal responsibility, strengthening and protecting free speech and personal freedoms, greater stability, rebuilding the case for capitalism, re-engaging voters and bolstering sovereignty over globalist autocracy. That is an awful lot of big wins!

· Further, Direct Democracy can solidify the case for Brexit, at a time when it is under attack. Brexit enables Direct Democracy. With Brexit, voters chose to take back control. Having taken it back, it is time to actually give voters the control they asked for.

Just like Switzerland, Direct Democracy can deliver a stable, free and prosperous Conservative hegemony: one that can defend itself from socialism and vested interests.

There is everything to be gained from Britain copying Switzerland’s Direct Democracy constitution. Direct Democracy really can fix just about everything. The only things stopping us are vested interests and political inertia. The prize here is so enormous, enduring and wide-ranging, that it is worth overcoming those entrenched forces.

It is Time to do a Switzerland.

If you can, please take the time to read and disseminate the full report linked herinafter. This is transformational and ground-breaking stuff. Thanks.

time to do a switzerland latest
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time to do a switzerland latest
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