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‘If Steve Jobs, David Attenborough and Winston Churchill had a think tank, this would be it.’

BrainFart is a radical centre-right environmental think tank, founded by self-made millionaire Andrew Hunt.

Hunt worked as a TV creative before moving into finance. It was here that he became fascinated by how personal investors and small companies could turn negligible resources into enormous fortunes. Applying the same mindset and principles, Hunt was able to retire in his thirties.

We think that government today has many problems, when really it has only one. The public sector has more access to land, labour, capital and power than any other individual or organisation.

Governments devote all their efforts to marshalling and administering these near infinite resources. As a result, they try to fix everything by throwing ever more money, people, land and regulation at the problem, often with catastrophic results.

Meanwhile our greatest heroes  - from Jesus Christ to Steve Jobs – have changed the world by using well those small gifts they already had. 

Government does not have a resource crisis but a resourcefulness crisis.

Progress lies in using what is already lying around.

To borrow from TV’s most resourceful fellas

‘Don’t ya love it when a plan comes together?’

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