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The Big Idea That Can Save the NHS, the Welfare State and Capitalism

The Big Idea That Can Save the NHS, the Welfare State and Capitalism

Executive Summary


·         Rolling back dependency on the NHS and sick pay is vital to rescuing libertarianism and social conservatism. As more people become sick and vulnerable, an ever larger and more tyrannical state becomes inevitable. 

·         Our current health and welfare system is economically and socially unsustainable. Not only is it heading for collapse, but in the meantime it is forcing government to make bad long-term decisions, that are politically unpopular and making our predicament worse.

·         In short we need to find an alternative model that reduces sickness and dependency.

·         Fortunately, Clinical Research and the examples of other countries can provide a radical solution that slashes demand for healthcare and welfare by 25-40%. That means we could cut the state to 35% of GDP, slash government debt, reduce immigration and solve the problems of an ageing population.

·         Not only that, but the externalities are enormously positive: a healthier population, fewer nursing homes, more entrepreneurism and economic productivity; lower levels of mental illness, cancers and Alzheimer’s’; stronger communities and families; higher levels of happiness and longer life expectancy. 

·         This New Model of Health Care is built on three pillars:

1.       A radical cultural change across the NHS, Welfare and Education to promote Resilience. The simple ability to quickly take responsibility for your problems leads to greater happiness, better health, stronger relationships, greater confidence and higher economic and academic achievement. Resilience can be taught and it can be compelled.

2.       Learning from Blue Zones. Blue Zones are the tiny pockets of the world with the longest life expectancy. These places report incredibly low levels of dementia, mental illness and cancer. Incredibly, none have large state healthcare systems or nursing homes. Many are thriving in spite of ageing populations.  Experiments in the US have transferred some of the cultural lessons of Blue Zones. The results have been astonishing and rapid. Healthcare spending can be cut by up to 40% and life expectancy improved by several years; all through local voluntary schemes and without any bans or ULEZ-style tyranny.

3.       The importance of social contact and deep relationships. A growing amount of research has found that close ties and plenty of contact with the people around you is a better predictor of health and longevity than factors such as diet or exercise. Moreover, those enjoying strong relationships are significantly more economically successful than lonelier people. Digital technology and modern life have created a loneliness pandemic that is unravelling society and collapsing our economy. Simple nudges can reverse this. The economic case is as compelling as the human case.    


·         It is not just the Economic and Social Prize here that is enormous. This is the political opportunity to Unite the Right. A new model of Self-Health is equally compelling for social conservatives and economic libertarians. The human and economic benefits go hand-in-hand. Countries like Singapore already recognise this and are leading the way.

Full Report Here:

NHS The big Idea
Download DOCX • 59KB

If you agree with it, Please read and share this report widely with your MP and government contacts,

Many thanks

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