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The Complete Solution to the UK's Housing Crisis

Updated: May 5, 2022

Setting Out a complete and permanent solution to the UK Housing Crisis - a problem that has has been growing for over twenty years.

In the four papers below, we outline a complete solution. Not only that, our solution is:

  • Popular with all voter groups, including core tory voters.

  • Great for the environment and for green space conservation.

  • Great for Levelling Up.

  • Great for local democracy and community cohesion.

  • Great for the public purse - to the tune of over £200bn!

  • Great for Mental Health - a historically underappreciated area when it comes to housing.

  • Creates a legacy we can all be proud of, and one that will last for centuries to come.

This highly creative approach is the most win-win set of policies in modern political history, addressing many of our most pressing problems simulataneously.

Attached below (in four steps) is our complete solution:

· In The Planning Panacea, we outline how to build 3m homes, raise £200bn for the government and build greener, all without destroying a single blade of grass or fighting a single planning battle. This really is the most win-win policy proposal in history.

The Planning Panacea
Download DOCX • 74KB

· In Net Zero Nimbys, we outline a neat solution to pay for the first stage of net-zero proposals while winning over traditional Tory voters. This is done by offering local communities conservation / national park status, in exchange for tighter environmental rules in their area. Thus, the cost of net zero can be borne by residents in exchange for conservation. This is palatable as national park status also brings enormous house price rises.

Net Zero Nimbys
Download DOCX • 49KB

· A Nation of Grand Designers ties in with Robert Jenrick’s and Policy Exchange’s work on the value of building beautiful and long-lasting buildings, and how to do it in order to create a centuries’ long legacy. One of the many positive side effects of this policy is ‘levelling up.’

A Nation of Grand Designers
Download DOCX • 61KB

· In Boris Buildings, we outline a new, populist style of architecture for the 21st century. It involves creating the buildings that people actually want to live and work in. These are also great for mental health. Government should set this beautiful new standard as the minimum. By branding them Boris buildings and Boris houses, you can create a long-lasting brand value and legacy for the PM (just like Boris Bikes in London), emphasising tradition, taste, Britishness and environmentalism.

Boris Buildings
Download DOCX • 53KB

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