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Conscientious Revolutionaries: The Election-Winning Manifesto for Conservative Grassroots

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Delighted to be working with the CDO on this Manifesto, which draws together extensive research and polling of the general public and grassroots.

This is a big, long-term manifesto, designed to win a 100+ seat majority, to re-engage voters, to fix Britain's big problems permanently, and to set our nation on a path to stability, prosperity and liberty.

It includes:

  • Complete Solutions to Legal & Illegal Immigration,

  • A Nationalist Climate Policy,

  • Real Direct Democracy for Country and Party,

  • A Bold Deregulation Agenda,

  • Radical Public Sector Reform to drive Taxes Down to a Third of GDP, While Improving Core Public Service Delivery,

  • The Education System Parents Actually Want,

  • A Complete & Democratic Solution to Planning Reform,

  • Proper Punishments for Proper Criminals,

  • And Casting Wokery into Oblivion!

The Best Way Out Is Always Through!


And if you like it, please email it straight to your MP :)


Conscientious Revolutionaries
Download DOCX • 63KB

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