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BANG GOES THE THEORY: How Mass Migration Collapsed Economic Growth

How 20 Years of Flawed Consensus on Mass Migration Led to Economic and Social Catastrophe, Including:

· Low income households worse off by over £300 a week, every week.

· Overwhelmed public services, charities and infrastructure.

· Mass over-crowding and housing shortages.

· Sky-high government debt, financial vulnerability and asset price bubbles.

· Business underinvestment.

· Chronic wage suppression, zero real wage growth, and a ‘disposable workforce’ culture.

· One of the most degraded and polluted environments on the planet.

Executive Summary Below and Full Report Here (Word or PDF):

Bang Goes the Theory
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Bang Goes the Theory
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If you agree with this report please copy and paste the PDF, Word doc or Hyperlink, and email to:

· The Chancellor of the Exchequer:

· And anyone else you can think of (and please disseminate widely: senior civil servants in the Treasury and Home Office are explicitly working to 'capture' elected Ministers by blocking and deleting all contact with voters and the public).

Thank You

Executive Summary

Flawed thinking and wilful blindness by leading economists and Treasury advisors has made the UK’s vested interests addicted to mass migration. This has and is doing enormous economic, social and environmental damage to our quality of life. The economic costs far exceed the economic benefits:

· Most migrants consume far more in public and voluntary services than they contribute in taxes; thus diluting access to vital services for those who need them.

· In some cases migrant workers or student migrants and their families consume over £1m of services, while contributing less than a tenth of that!

· It is no wonder migrants work for low wages and British businesses love cheap migrant workers. They are receiving subsidies of over one million pounds paid by British tax payers!

· When counting the costs of migrants, economists wilfully exclude many major expenses such as: dependents, housing pressures, resulting shortages (water, gas, electricity etc.), integration costs, settlement costs and overpopulation costs (e.g. pollution, mental health, environmental degradation, congestion, net zero compliance and infrastructure burdens).

· By consuming vast amounts of public and charitable services, exacerbating housing shortages and suppressing wages, mass migration has hit the poorest hardest.

· Mass migration has cost working class households a minimum of £300 a week, every week.

· Mass migration has distorted the labour market, suppressing wages and choking business investment. This has directly led to excessively loose fiscal and monetary policy that has left the country grossly indebted and financially vulnerable.

· Jeremy Hunt and the Treasury Orthodoxy are just wrong, wrong, wrong! Trying to solve the debt crisis with more migrants is like trying to pay off your mortgage by buying £1 coins for £2 each. It is no coincidence that since mass migration began, government debt is up sevenfold.

· Mass migration is NOT free trade or free markets. The vast majority of migrants receive taxpayer subsidies that dwarf their economic contribution.

· Mass migration is an enormous taxpayer-funded subsidy for big business, low-wage employers, universities and foreign nationals at the expense of the British people.

· A true free trade migration system would charge each and every migrant tens of thousands of pounds a year to be here. That would mean all migrants would pay in at least what they get back. Doing so would increase the quality of migrants, decrease the quantity and raise £30-50bn for the Exchequer – solving the deficit instantly without burdening British voters.

In short, and entirely contrary to the hubristic delusions of the ‘Davos Set’, mass immigration has made every single one of the UK’s economic problems worse.

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