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As seen on CapX: Why we Need Small Wins in the Climate War

Focusing on the overwhelming target of NetZero and devising hopelessly impractical solutions like mandated heat pumps is making the situation worse, not better. We are losing allies, flexibility and the ability to find creative solutions and 'win-wins.'

We need to learn from organisational psychologist Karl Weick, and focus on identifying small wins - tangible goals that we know we can achieve already.

When it comes to Climate Change, there are loads of them right in front of us. They are painless and have positive externalities. To find them we need to:

1) Drop the arbitrary territorial emissions distinction.

2) Let free market innovation thrive.

3) Embrace Creative Ameliorism, and crowdsource our way to climate freedom while making everything else better.

It really is that easy :) read on and enjoy

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