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As Seen on CapX: The Ethical Case for Domestic Fossil Fuel Production

  • Transition to Net Zero is going to take 30-50 years minimum.

  • In the meantime at least half of our energy needs will come from Fossil Fuels. Further, oil and gas are needed to manufacture almost everything, including Medicines, Food and Clothing.

  • Due to a decade of underinvestment, the world is heading for a global supply crunch and shortages.

  • Fortunately, the UK has plenty of domestic oil and gas. To avoid crises, we need to encourage investment in them. And we need to move quickly.

  • The alternative is social and economic hardship, and dependency on unreliable dictators like Vladimir Putin.

  • Domestic Fossil Fuels are highly ethical: They allow us to maintain our democracy without being controlled by foreign dictators. They generate billions in taxes for worthy causes. They employ hundreds of thousands of Brits. UK extraction standards are far higher than elsewhere; meaning better employee conditions, better safety, less corruption, greater environmental protection, and lower transport pollution.

  • Messaging is critical: we need to brand our industry as 'Freedom Fuels' and encourage The City to invest in them, by ranking them as highly ethical.

Full Paper here:

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